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Reusable page transition animations in Windows Phone 7/8 Silverlight

I searched a while finding a simple solution to add transition animations for my Windows Phone 7 application.
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Transactions in the Entity Framework

First, I’ll show an example of the correct usage of an Entity Framework’s ObjectContext. At the beginning of the usage block, the ObjectContext is created; at the end it will be disposed (see using-Keyword).
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Interceptors with PHP

Interceptors are used for aspect oriented programming (AOP). With the given interceptor, method calls can be extended or suppressed. PHP interceptors are implemented using the _call magic method.
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Event-based XML parsing in Java

On some inefficient devices or some programming languages there are only event-based XML parsers available. In this article I will show how to use such a parser in an easy way and how to read hierarchical XML structures.
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