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Develop an app which targets WP7 and WP8 (and WinRT) at the same time

August 16, 2013, (updated on September 8, 2014), Software Development

This post shows how to develop an app which targets the WP7 and WP8 platform at the same time. The idea is to create two projects – one for WP7 and one for WP8 – and link all files into one of the projects. This way you don’t have to maintain the code twice and only have to develop in one project. On Microsofts website you can find the base idea. However this article shows even more problems and their solutions when using this approach. Here are the steps to setup the solution: 1. Create the Visual Studio solution Create […] Read more...

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Implement secure WCF web services to use with Windows Phone and Metro style apps

April 30, 2012, (updated on October 20, 2014), 2 comments, Software Development

The first part of this blog post demonstrates how to implement a WCF web service with username/password authentication and role based authorization. The web service can be used in Windows Phone applications and Windows 8 applications and it is even possible to use it with other libraries or frameworks. The second part explains how to set up the development environment to test the web service and the client application locally. The sample project can be downloaded here. Web service code First we have to create a new web service project and create a web service (.svc and its corresponding .svc.cs […] Read more...

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XBMC remote for Windows Phone

April 6, 2012, (updated on October 20, 2014), 3 comments, Apps

I’d like to introduce my XBMC remote app for Windows Phone: It is called “XBMC remote” and can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Marketplace. XBMC is a media center software designed to use with a TV and can be downloaded and used for free. The application only works with the newest XBMC release, XBMC 11 Eden. With the “XBMC remote” app you can browse your recently added media, albums, artists, music videos, movies and TV series: The remote control pivot can be used to navigate the XBMC menus and control the currently played media. There is also a button […] Read more...

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