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Jumpy ListBox while scrolling in Windows Phone 7.5

April 2, 2012, (updated on September 6, 2014), 7 comments, Software Development

I recently discovered a bug in the ListBox control for Windows Phone 7.5. In a long list of items (virtualizing list, items with different heights), the list sometimes begins to get jumpy and the list cannot be scrolled to the end. To reproduce the problem, open a long list of items, scroll a little bit, stop the scrolling and tap on an item. Now if you start scrolling again the list begins to get jumpy… This video shows the problem: After trying out a lot of possible workarounds and tweaks, I finally found the solution: Simply set the focus to […] Read more...

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Reusable page transition animations in Windows Phone 7/8 Silverlight

March 4, 2011, (updated on September 14, 2014), Software Development

I searched a while finding a simple solution to add transition animations for my Windows Phone 7 application. There is a simple solution using the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit. After the installation of the toolkit (using traditional installer or NuGet) and referencing it in your project, open your App.xaml and insert the following code: <Application.Resources> <ResourceDictionary> <Style x:Key="Transition" TargetType="phone:PhoneApplicationPage"> <Setter Property="toolkit:TransitionService.NavigationInTransition"> <Setter.Value> <toolkit:NavigationInTransition> <toolkit:NavigationInTransition.Backward> <toolkit:TurnstileTransition Mode="BackwardIn"/> </toolkit:NavigationInTransition.Backward> <toolkit:NavigationInTransition.Forward> <toolkit:TurnstileTransition Mode="ForwardIn"/> </toolkit:NavigationInTransition.Forward> </toolkit:NavigationInTransition> </Setter.Value> </Setter> <Setter Property="toolkit:TransitionService.NavigationOutTransition"> <Setter.Value> <toolkit:NavigationOutTransition> <toolkit:NavigationOutTransition.Backward> <toolkit:TurnstileTransition Mode="BackwardOut"/> </toolkit:NavigationOutTransition.Backward> <toolkit:NavigationOutTransition.Forward> <toolkit:TurnstileTransition Mode="ForwardOut"/> </toolkit:NavigationOutTransition.Forward> </toolkit:NavigationOutTransition> </Setter.Value> </Setter> </Style> </ResourceDictionary> </Application.Resources> This XAML code contains the style, every […] Read more...

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