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Azure DevOps: How to update the Azure Function default Host Key in a PowerShell task

January 21, 2019, (updated on January 25, 2019), 2 comments, Software Development

For a recent project I dynamically create new Azure Functions in an Azure DevOps release pipeline. One of the requirements was to automatically update each default Host Key to a given value so that it’s easier to access the newly created HTTP functions. Because there is no easy out-of-the-box API in Azure CLI or Azure PowerShell, I wanted to share the final solution here. To update the default Azure Function Host Key in an Azure PowerShell build/release task, just follow these steps: 1. Create a new “Azure PowerShell” task in your Azure DevOps build or release pipeline 2. Choose an […] Read more...

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How to publish an NPM package in AppVeyor

June 17, 2018, (updated on July 14, 2018), 2 comments, Software Development

For some open-source projects I need to publish NPM packages during the CI release on AppVeyor. Unlike with NuGet packages, you have to do that manually by installing NodeJS and NPM, creating an .npmrc file with your NPM credentials and publishing the package. This blog post describes this procedure in detail. Retrieve auth token To authenticate with the NPM feed, you have to manually retrieve the auth token. To do so, you have to first login to NPM via CLI: npm login This command creates or updates the .npmrc file in your local user directory (‪C:\Users\MyUser\.npmrc). The file […] Read more...

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